Mexican culture has long been influenced by a unique combination of prehistoric myth and magic, ancient Aztec and Mayan tradition, European aesthetics and Catholicism. A rich tradition of popular art has evolved, marked by the charm, humor and diversity of the creative spirit. Whether the objects are considered “fine art,” “folk art” or “tourist art,” bought for a home or a museum, they reveal as much about the ideas and culture of the collector as they do the creator.

The Friends of Mexican Art (FOMA) exhibition is featured in three locations in Terminal 4: the Gallery on Level 3 and two display cases on Level 2. The art in this exhibition comes from the private collections of FOMA members, as well as artworks that FOMA gifted to the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona State University Art Museum and The Heard Museum.

FOMA members have a passion for the arts and culture of Mexico. They choose to share this passion with the Arizona community so that the arts of Mexico may give the viewer a greater understanding of the country and its people.